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I was recently at a conference where the closing speaker was Bill Walton, the NBA star, basketball broadcaster and well known Grateful Dead fan, better known as a Deadhead. Up till Bill spoke, I was thinking the conference was OK, but not great. Afterwards, my entire opinion changed.

While he was speaking I kept feeling that on certain levels we had experienced the same things. It was a great walk down memory lane and I thought it might make for a few minutes of interesting reading.

Being different is a more interesting road.

If you’ve ever listened to Bill Walton, call a basketball game, you would think he’s a different guy. He was never a political correct broadcaster. You would always know where he stood and he would often have reasons that were a little off center, but correct.

For me, I loved that about him. I guess the reason is I’m also one who thinks about the world in a way others rarely do. I find having an off center view of the world makes life more interesting. It also allows one to stay out of the dogmatic beliefs that many people have who live and have dogmatic beliefs.

Having health challenges is not the worst thing in the world.

Bill has had multiple challenges with his feet. In fact, he says he has the worst feet in the history of orthopedics. That may or may not be true. At the same time it’s true that he’s had tons of surgeries.

For me, it’s my trip through cancer world and dealing with the parting gifts that come from cancer.

Neither of us let our health issues get in the way of living a great life. Both of us have had to make adjustments in our life and we both have had to give up things along the way. Mostly I’ve been able to do what I want and live with my health challenges. Listening to Bill talk about his challenges made me believe that this is something you have to do if you want to live a full life.

Ask why more often.

Much of Bill’s talk was about the why’s in the world. There is nothing more powerful in your life than asking why is this true or why is this not true. I love looking at the world from this point of view. I hope you also live your life this way.

You see when you ask why; you stop taking anyone’s words at face value. Instead of listening to what people say, watch what they do instead. People always show you their real intent by the actions they take and the people they associate with.

Have diverse interests

This is big. Having diverse interests allows you to see the world through multiple lens’. I find this is something I really enjoy.

During Bill’s talk he went into the different interests he had throughout his life. I realized what makes him such an interesting character is the diverse things he’s interested in and going deep on a few of your interests allow you to become world class at different activities. For Bill, it was basketball. For me, it’s been the work that it has allowed me to do with private business owners.

There’s always a way

When you see the world differently than most other humans, you will find skeptics and people who think you’re a little nuts. If that sounds like you, it would make sense to understand that when you’re passionate about something, there is always a way to live that passion.

Bill had major health issues which would have ended most people’s life in professional sports. Instead of saying I can’t, he said what do I have to do? I found that attitude has served him well, and it’s served me well as all.

At the end of the talk, I realized it had taken me down a road of visiting what makes me interesting and unusual even though he was talking about himself. I hope you hear someone speak who can help you see the world as you live in it and helps you understand how special you are.

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