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I spend a lot of time helping people make choices about their life.  Sometimes it’s around their business and sometimes it’s what they should do personally.  In both cases if you can keep the choices small it’s much easier to manage.

Stay way from sunk costs.

When you spend months and months planning something you’re going to have a hard time backing away.  And most of the time you’ll need to.

One of the reason change is hard is because it’s often wrong.  When you decide to do something new spending hours and hours planning is not the best way to go.  Start fast, move fast, change fast and stop fast.  All of these are easy to do with small changes.  It’s almost impossible to do with big ones.

It’s easier to pivot.

When you are making a small choice it’s really easy to change and try a new direction.  It’s rare that any idea I’m working on is right the first time.  I usually have to keep modifying and modifying till I get it right.  And then it’s still not right.

The smaller the change I’m working on, the easier it is to make a change.  If I have to spend days, weeks or even months planning it’s going to be hard to change.  There are probably just too many moving parts.

Small choices are not complicated.

Deciding what to do next when it’s a small choice is easy.  When the choice is big and complicated I have to plan to spend lots of time.  Most of the time I don’t have lots of extra time. 

What about you, do you have lots of extra time for big projects?  I bet the answer is no.  At the same time if I ask you do something that will take fifteen or twenty minutes, I bet you can always find time for that.  If it’s small it’s easier to get done.

Yes or no is an easy decision.

If I have a big project I’m working on saying yes is a real challenge.  If I’m looking at a big project, no matter how important it’s easy to say no…..even when I should be saying yes.

At the same time if I’m making a small choice, yes or no is just an answer.  It’s not a big process.  It’s not a major decision.  I get to start and see where it ends up.

Small adds up to big.

This is the important point.  When you string together a bunch of small projects, they end up being a big project. 

If you must do a big project, chunk them down to the smallest parts you can.  When I design a new website, I want to write one or two pages a day.  That takes only a few minutes.  I don’t want to think about the entire project, it’ll just make my head hurt. 

You don’t want your head hurt do you?  Make it small and make it easy.

One of the activities business owners do that always gives us a headache is doing an annual business plan.  Too often we make it too big and too cumbersome.  No one ever looks at and it just becomes a waste of time.  Instead, what about thinking about a simplified budget process.  You’re in luck we’ve developed one we think works pretty well.  Check it out.

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