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I have an internet friend, Chris Lema (yes I know that sounds strange for a 61 year old) who has one of my very favorite sayings.  When he finishes a project he wants it to be be done done.  No, this is not a typo.  He really does mean done done.

I remember a time……

When I was a kid you might have thought I was lazy.  I would start projects and rarely ever finish them.  As you can imagine, this caused a lot of conflict between my father and myself.

I would tell him that things like cutting the lawn were done.  He was one of those people that done wasn’t done until it was done correctly.  In my world today that means being done done.

What is open in your life?

How many times have you started a project and said it was done?  How many times have you known it really wasn’t done and you couldn’t stop thinking about it being the project being incomplete?

I knew that when I wasn’t cutting the lawn properly it wasn’t done done.  I knew I did it in what you might say was at best half done.  I knew there was a good chance that I would get in trouble with my father. 

I think the question is why would I ever have done that?

Did you think it was really done?

Here was my problem.  I knew that cutting the lawn wasn’t really done.  Yea, I cut the lawn and I didn’t trim around the trees or the flower beds.  So, you could say that my project was sort of done.  It certainly wasn’t done done.

Do you have any open projects like that?  Projects that you could say were done and they really weren’t done.  If I’m being harsh I might say that you’re lying to yourself.  You don’t want to do that, do you?

This is a time to tell yourself the truth.

Here’s a secret for you.  If you’re lying to yourself the whole world knows that’s what you’re doing.  You might be known as a person who does things and never really completes them.  If this is true, don’t worry, you have lots of good company.

Done done is a really hard place to get to.  First, you have to be willing to tell yourself when it’s not really done.  Second, you have to have the discipline to completely finish a project. 

It’s why I only like people to do one project at a time.  When you have lots of projects you’re working on it’s just too easy to leave one project, think it’s done and move on to another one.

Done done will make you happier.

I know that when I actually get to done done my life becomes better.  I know that a competed project is really a completed project.  I don’t have a feeling that I’ve left things that not done and those things will come back and bit me.  It just make me that much happier.

What do you think?  Is done done in your future?

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