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Too many times we make sure we’ve done good work after we’re done.  This is the traditional way of making sure that we’re creating great products.  Let’s try something different. Instead of inspecting quality in at the end of your process, why don’t you build your quality in as you build your product?

Building quality in is always better than inspecting it in.

If you build it right the first time you’re going to save money.  The only way you can get this done is by stop the end of the line inspection program you’ve got.  If you’re inspecting after things are done, it’s too late.  Stop inspecting quality and you’ll stop re-work and you might even start shipping on time. Even better, you might start making a little more money.

Building quality in makes you more efficient

Efficiency = more profitability.  When you build quality in as you create your products you don’t stop and redo. Instead you have processes and systems in place that make it happen right the first time around. I know that I hate to redo things after they're done.  I bet your employees hate it also. 

Why don’t you help them develop methods of doing it right the first time?  This will help build a better place to work. You can count on it.

Building quality in builds personal responsibility

I want the people who work with me to be responsible for their work.  When you have an inspection process after the work is done how can your employees be responsible for what they do?  If you inspect after the work is done you’re treating your employees like children.  Stop treating your employees like children.  Make them be responsible for what they do.

The only way you can do this is through building quality in.

You’ll have happier employees

When your employees are responsible for making a quality product, they’ll see the results of their work.  Nothing is more frustrating than to have someone tell you you’ve made a mistake.  What if you allowed your people to find their own mistakes? Don’t you think it would help them be happier in the work they do?

Just think, your employees will save embarrassment.  You’ll have given them a method for fixing the mistake before others find out. As much as I love mistakes, I can promise you that those you work with don’t like them at all. Just think, do you enjoy it when others find your mistakes?  Now, how do you feel about your work when you get to find your mistakes and fix them before others find them?

One of the big mistakes we make is in our hiring processes.  We have a survey you might enjoy.  In about ten minutes you’ll be able to look at your hiring process and see how well it runs.  To participate in our survey, click on the button below.

hiring for unique abilities

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