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We live in a constant on world. My question is why we do that?

All the research shows that working 60 or more hours a week is detrimental to your health and the quality of your work. In fact, research shows that if you work over 50 hours a week, you wastes the time you spend.

You need to take a break.

I have many reminders on my electronic devices that tell me it’s time to take a break. What I don’t have is a reminder to take days and hours off. Working all the time not only makes you boring, but hurts your health and the quality of your work.

I know that when I work day after day after day, the work that I do gets slower and a lot worse. When I take a few days off in a row and come back to work, I’m much more effective and efficient.

How about you? Do you take time off? If you do, don’t you notice that when you come back you’re more energized and effective?

Stop being available all the time.

We have this constant on world that we live with. It’s OK to put your phone in airplane mode or just turn on the do not disturb. You’ve probably read that you need to turn off and put away all of your electronic devices before you go to sleep. There's a reason for that recommendation...Do you know what that reason is?

We get a shot of dopamine when we get a ding. We like the dings and the dings keeps us from focusing on what’s important in our life. It’s one of the downsides in our modern society and it’s one of the main causes of stress in our always on society.

Really, it’s OK to turn off the electronics. Go outside, see what’s there…it might surprise you.

Find hobbies outside how you earn money.

I’m often told that I’m a boring person. And to some, this is true. I love thinking, reading, researching and working with people who want to build a great business. If I want to have relationships that are valuable, I need to find something else to do.

It might be photography, music, skiing or bike riding…all things I love to do. None of these will make me any money. The point of doing these activities isn’t to make money, it’s diversifying how I spend my time and to give me a chance to recharge.

When you do the same thing over and over, you will get burned out. The only way to keep this from happening is to have activities in your life that diversify and keep your mind doing different things. This will help keep burnout away.

Oh, those sixty-hour weeks, if you just did 40 hours, you might find you get more done than in the 60 hours or more routine you have now.

Remember that someday work ends, but life should not.

One of the most important reasons you need to unplug and learn how to do this is that someday work will end. Hopefully, your life will not. Having a long life and having it be joyful is something I want for you.

For your life to be joyful as you age, you need to have different interests and activities that keep both your mind and body involved. You know that old saying, “Use it or lose it.” I don’t want you to lose it, I want you to use it. Do it for yourself and do it for me.

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