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Follow this 30-day plan to take control of  your money 


Week 1: Budgeting

⬜Identify and list all sources of income.

⬜Identify and list all of your expenses.

⬜Plan how to you’ll spend your money and meet your financial goals.

⬜Automate common budgeting tasks to help eliminate boredom.

⬜Keep your budget updated with frequent reviews.


Week 2: Building Savings

⬜Identify your savings goals: short, medium, and long term goals

⬜Design a workable plan to change your spending patterns to meet your goals

⬜Boost your savings by increasing your income.

⬜Start saving early.


Week 3: Paying Off Debt

⬜List your debts.

⬜Decide on a debt repayment strategy that you can stick to.

⬜Once you are out of debt, plan to use that money to help you achieve your financial goals.


Week 4: Increasing Income

⬜Sell assets you don't need or use infrequently.

⬜Consider taking on a part-time job, even if it's just on a temporary or seasonal basis.

⬜Look for ways to turn your hobbies into a secondary source of income.

⬜Create multiple lines of passive income streams.


Follow Your New Plans and Live the Life You Dream Of

⬜Use 2 days to fine-tune your plans.

⬜Start taking action to follow your plans

⬜Anticipate challenges and plan appropriate action.

⬜Review your plans periodically and adjust as needed to account for revised goals, new circumstances, or just to make them more workable for you.

Checklists can be a challenge. We would love to spend a few minutes with you to review where you are now and what steps would make sense for you to take today, in the near future and those that can be put off. Click on the button below to choose a convenient date and time to talk with us.

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