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So You Say Your Spouse Knows Why You’re In Business…..

I’ve been thinking about your business narrative.  If you were to write a narrative for me, I would have you write down what your business does, what your motivation for having it is and why that motivation is important for you.

It is one of the first steps I take when I help people think about the mission and vision for their business.  Just the other day I had an interesting thought.  What if your business narrative was written by your spouse?  What do you think he or she would write?

Do you think your spouse knows what you do?

Yea, I know your spouse knows that you go to work.  I bet your spouse even knows that your business does something that brings cash in the door.

The question I’m asking is does your spouse know what you actually do at work?  Does your spouse know what about your job you find engaging?  Does he or she have any idea why you obsess about your business when you’re not there?  Do you think anything would be different if they did?

What about what your business goals?

How often do you discuss your business goals with your spouse?  Do you consider your spouse the most important relationship in your life?  If the answer is yes then why don’t you spend some time having that discussion?  I bet he or she will be really glad you did.

Better yet, do you even know what your business goals are?  If you don’t it’s probably time you spent some time thinking about this.  I don’t expect you to just write down the important numbers like sales and profits.  What I really want you to do is focus on what about your business makes you happy.  What changes you would like to see that would make you even happier.  Are you willing to give this a shot and then talk about your answers with your spouse?

Do you think your spouse knows why your business is important to you?

Before your spouse can answer this question this is another one that you should answer for yourself.  Too many people just go through life and never get around to answering why something is important to them.  The better your answer to this question, the more meaning your work will have for you.

After you decide what makes your business important in your life ask you spouse what they think the answer is.  I bet you would have a conversation that would be a really interesting one. 

Have you ever spent some time talking with your spouse about these things?

If you’re like almost everyone I’ve worked with the answer would be no.  When I hear that my response is “that’s too bad.” 

Most business owners I speak with tell me their spouse is their most important partner.  Yet, most business owners never have a conversation with their spouse about why they own and are obsessed by their business.

If you believe your spouse is your most important partner then don’t you think it would be worthwhile having this conversation?

Are you willing to let your spouse take a crack at it?

Here’s the big question:  Are you willing to move outside your comfort zone and start a conversation about your business narrative?  My sense is two things would happen.  You’ll become more attuned to the reasons you’re passionate about your business.  The second is your spouse will have a much better understanding of what you do and why it’s important.

I know you can do it.  Take some time and start the conversation.  You’ll be glad you did.

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