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Everyone knows about having a good corporate mission statement. If properly crafted the mission statement will be a guiding light for the people who work in that company.

What about a personal mission statement? Is this even something you’ve ever thought about having? If not, you should and here are 5 reasons.

A mission statement gives you direction.

Just like a good corporate mission statement, a personal mission statement that’s well written gives you direction. It helps you decide what you want to do and the mission statement helps you figure out why the actions are congruent or not that you’re taking.

Your personal mission statement needs to be something that you refer to several times a day. When you do, you get to ask yourself whether you’re living it? If the answer is or not, then you get to make changes that will help you align with what’s important to you.

A mission statement tells you if you’re doing the right things in your life.

It’s easy to just do things and not think about them. Then, after you’ve done something, you might even have thought you wished you had not done or taken an action you just did.

Having a mission statement can help you not go down a road you wish you had not taken. It can help you quickly test whether what you’re about to do will move you towards or away from your life’s purpose.

You must align your mission statement with your values.

This is the big thing and probably should have been at the top of this post. (I have a bad habit of burying the lead.)

For a mission statement to work, it needs to align with your values. This means your first step is not designing the mission statement but doing the work behind what your values are.

Remember, that to have a purpose-driven life you always start with values. Those values will drive everything in your life. When you do this, you’ll find that you have much less guilt in your life.

Your first step, make sure the values you’re working with are core values.

Too often I see people think the values that count in their life are aspirational values or permission to play values. It’s good to know what those values are in your life. It’s also a bad idea to use those types of values for building a personal mission statement.

I want you to use only core values when you think about building your personal mission statement. I want you to make sure the values you use in your mission statement are true 100% of the time.

Here’s what makes a good personal mission statement?

This is a question I get all the time. For me, a great personal mission statement is one that’s tied to my values is only ten words long and is answered with a yes or a no.

For example, my personal mission statement is “to do interesting things with interesting people.”

This mission can be answered with a yes or a no, is less than ten words long and ties into my core values of curiosity, simplification and personal responsibility. It’s impossible for me to live my mission statement without also living those core values.

So what about you? Are you willing to take some time and develop your own personal mission statement? Why don’t you let me know what you’re thinking in the comments below?

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