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In the wealth management business we help lots of people like you get ready for retirement and then help you afford what you’ll need once you retire. You might have a hard time believing this… the financial part of getting you ready is easy. The hard part is making sure that you stay involved in life and enjoy your retirement once you get there.

You see too often people get to the day they retire, leave work and then regret ever retiring. I don’t want that to happen to you and if it does; I want you to manage the changes you’ll be going through.

You need to have a social circle.

This is a big deal. The sad thing that happens when you retire is you lose the social circle you had at work. This is not anything about you. It’s just that you fall off the radar screen and we’re all busy.

Your ex co-workers intend to stay in touch with you. A week stretches to two weeks and then a month. Finally, those co-workers that intended to stay in touch feel badly about not doing so and just don’t call. Not because they don’t want to but because it embarrasses them.

If you really want to stay in touch with the people you worked with, take the lead. Know that those folks you reach out to will get together once or twice, but the main thing you had in common was work. Now that you no longer have that in common it’s hard to stay connected with those people.

Find something you feel strongly about.

When you retire, you have a great opportunity to start a new chapter in your life. If you don’t take the lead this will never happen.

Before you retire make sure you spend some time thinking about and writing things you feel strongly about. You’ll find organizations all over the place that you might want to get involved with.

Most non-profits are always looking for volunteer help. For many people who retire, they find working with a non-profit something that is very satisfying. If this is something you might find attractive, go for it. If  not, there are other options.

It might even go back to work…but in a very different way.

I find nothing more attractive than the work I do. If you work for other people and have retired from your main job, you can find work that you love and really speaks to you.

Hopefully, you’re no longer working because you need a paycheck. You can be picky about what you want to do. After a lifetime of work, you have skills that employers would be happy to have. You also should have the luxury of choosing work that you find satisfying.

My advice if this is you is to make sure you focus on the values of the company you join. If you go down this road, I want to make sure you enjoy what you’re doing. The best way for you to make sure this works out well for you is to focus on the values and culture of the company you’re thinking of joining.

We are all social animals.

You’ve probably read about people who retire and then die quickly. I think this often happens because those people don’t have a social life. This is not only sad, but it’s dangerous.

You must admit that you’re a social animal. You also need to admit that it’s easy as you move into retirement to not reach out to others. Please don’t become a hermit. I don’t want you to be one of those people who dies early because you don’t have a social life.

Experiences are what life is all about.

One of the great things about retirement is that you get to work on your life experiences. I bet you have most of the “stuff” that you need. Now you can take excess cash that used to go for stuff and start looking for experiences.

A fast Google search will help you find all sorts of experience options you can have when you retire. Everything from history tours to foreign travel. You just have to decide what you find interesting and then start that experience.

I’m hoping you can afford all of this.

This entire post assumes that you’ve saved enough money to have a happy retirement where money is not an issue. Retirement doesn’t have to be expensive, but you will need more than social security and probably a lot more for you to retire and afford the choices I’m talking about.

If you have questions on whether you can afford retirement, set a time to talk with us. The conversation is free and there’s almost a certainty you’ll learn something valuable that you can use in making your life better.


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