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Life spans continue to increase.  If you're alive at 65, there's a good chance you can be alive at 85.  I know there comes a time when you won't want to work or create any more, but do you want to have twenty or more years of this type of life?

A key to a healthy life is a life that keeps you engaged.

There's all sorts of remorse you could face when you retire.  If you own a business, you could get sellers remorse.  If you have a job, you could get retirement remorse.  If you decide to move before thoroughly checking out the new place, you're going to live you could get movers remorse.  You get the idea.

I don't want you to get one of the many remorse’s that are lurking in your future.  Instead, I want you to stay engaged in life.  When you do so, you'll find that you continue to be excited about life.  Don't just sit on the sidelines waiting for your life to end.  Stay involved and active.  You might find that as you get older, it's the best time of your life.

The financial strain of twenty or more years of retirement can be extreme.

There are two sides of retirement.  The first is how you will spend your time.  The second is what type of lifestyle you will be able to afford.

If you continue to earn money after a normal retirement age, you're putting less strain on your investments.  It's only logical that every year you delay taking money for lifestyle from your investments the easier it is for you to make your money last.  If you have a financial cushion that's going to grow the longer you work, the less financial strain you'll likely feel as you age.  The last thing you want to do is try to find a job when you're 80 years old  Doesn't it make more sense for you to keep working while you're still able and make your super senior years more financially stable?

At 65 you’re just hitting your stride.

I’ll be 65 in a little more than a year.  I can tell you that my ability to think has never been better.  I can combine wisdom I’ve learned with having enough energy to still work on challenging problems.  I don’t feel that I’ve lost a step when it comes to using my brain.

Since most of us work with our minds and not our hands, it's easy for us to continue past 65.  You might hit mandatory retirement and have to leave your life long job.  This doesn't mean you can't add value and earn money doing something you love and have developed a deep expertise.  I find that those who have lived a long time can help solve problems faster and with better results than many young people.

Why you might ask?  It's because we've seen it before.  We're not dealing with issues the first time.  Many challenges that others face, we know the answer because we've been there and done that.  Don't let your wisdom go to waste.  Use it to help make our world a better place.

This could be a time for you to do the thing you’ve always been passionate about.

If you've been in a job you've hated, this is your time to move on.  Hopefully, you've saved some money, and you can afford to make a little less than you did while you were working.  I'm hoping that you can afford to do the work that you believe you've been meant to do.  If it means making less money, I'm going to bet that you can find a way to make it work.

I often say you can’t afford to retire at 65 and that’s true.  What is also often true is that you can afford to use some of your savings and take a job you love.  And, often I see people who change careers after “retirement” end up making more money doing something they love versus the job they hated but were afraid to leave.

So what do you think?  Is it time for you to try something new?

Don’t forget your family.

When you think about continue working as you age, remember to structure that work so you can share your wisdom with your family.  This means you need to have time to spend with your family.  When you're with them, help them learn lessons that have been important in your life.  Maybe you'll want to relocate close to your children and maybe regular visits are just fine.  In either case, make sure that you share the wisdom you've learned and help your family how to have a great life.

As we age learning how to bring value to those younger than us is something you’re going to find satisfying.  All you have to do is figure out how you’re going to do it.


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