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Stop Being Goal Obsessed, Your Life Depends On It


I have this vision in my head of a person named Hard Charging Harry. You see, Harry has this problem. He’s obsessed with having numeric goals and then doing anything he can to get there.

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Topics: goals, emotional wealth, journey, numeric goals

The Dangerous Truth About Goals


I hate goals. Yea, I know we’re all supposed to love goals and be goal oriented for success. The truth is I did that game for years, and it never served me very well.

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Topics: transition planning, goals, goal mapping

The Glorious and Mysterious Secret of Goal Mapping




Several years ago I met Brian Mayne.  He introduced me to the concept of Goal Mapping.  This is where we take a general goal, something like making your life better and putting specifics in place that help you move towards your desired outcome.

There are four parts of goal mapping.  All four are equally important.  Doing a goal map in a specific order helps improve and speed up the process.  When I start an engagement with a client I always start with a goal map.  When I combine a goal map with our alignment process we get great results. 

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Topics: goals, planning, goal mapping

A Theme Is Better Than a Goal

A_Theme_Is_Better_Than_A_Goal.pngI’ve written way too much about my dislike for what is considered the goal setting process. Now before you light your hair on fire I want you to consider this……How happy have you been when you’ve hit a goal?

On the other hand, how happy have you been when you’ve noticed your trip?

Recently I read a piece by one of my favorite thinkers, James Altucher. In his post James talked about how he prefers themes in his life to goals. I agree and here are some reasons why:

Themes allow you to think in a broader manner about what you want out of life.

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Topics: goals, themes, goal mapping

3 Things Your Creative Teams Need

Your probably getting really sick of reading and hearing about how important innovation is in your business.  You might even wish the world will stop for a while and let you get caught up.  It’s all about new, new, new, and more new.  I bet there are times where you just want to breath and say stop…..

Well, I guess you’ve come to the wrong place today.  We’re not going to talk about stop.  Instead, let’s spend a little time about what makes for great innovation.  Innovation comes from creativity and there are three things I want you to consider.

Do you trust those you’re working with?

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Topics: trust, goals, creating value

The First Step In Investing Is Knowing What You Want

investIt’s just about impossible to not know that you should be putting money away.  You might want to save for retirement or you might need to have money put away for your child’s education.  You might even just need a rainy day fund to help you get through if an emergency should happen.

Different goals should have different strategies.

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Topics: investment management, goals, investing

7 Reasons You Won’t Say No

blog_3I’m a big fan of the word no.  Without saying no, you never have the capacity to say yes.  No is a useful word.  If that’s so, why is it that you’re not willing to ever use this very useful word.  I think I might have found 7 reasons you don’t.

If you say no, no one will ever ask you again.

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Topics: goals, personal growth, decision making

Are You Pursuing Something Great?

A Good LifeWhen you go after something great it helps you step outside your comfort zone.  It’s true that when you go after something really big you get bigger at the same time.

Too often we play small ball.  I know I’m guilty of it and I bet that you’re often there yourself.  You might get lost in what your bigger purpose is by pursuing the day-to-day minutia that seems to take over our life.

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Topics: personal value, vision, goals

6 Reasons You Need To Know About Big Rocks

Big Rocks resized 600I spend a lot of time sitting in meetings where strategic planning is the conversation topic.  Almost every single of these meetings ends up having a laundry list of items that should be done.  The owner of the company wants to have everyone participate in making the company better.  Everyone gets a list of several items that are on their plate.

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Topics: mission vision values and goals, value creation, goals, strategic planning

3 Ways Brian Mayne Shows His Brilliance

goal setting resized 600Several months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Brian Mayne.  You may ask who is this guy and why should I pay any attention.  Brian appeared at Steve Farber’s Extreme Leadership program this summer.  He took us through exercises in goal and life mapping.  Both are techniques that allow you to discover what’s important in your life and make plans to do something about it.

Brian managed to turn me around on my basic dislike for goal setting.

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Topics: mission vision values and goals, value creation, Mind Maps, goals

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