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Protect Yourself From Declining Health Care With These Easy Tips


One of the biggest concerns I have as I age is how to protect my health. I will bet that if you’re over 60 years old, this is a concern you also face.

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Topics: wealth, health care, managing health

You Need To Learn To Be 10% Happier


If you hang around the New Age movement at all, you hear the term self-talk a lot. This is the conversations we have with ourselves. We all have them and for many self-talk is really an excuse to beat ourselves up.

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Topics: wealth, the good life, happy, 10% happier

What Is Wealth - Wealth Management in Burlington,Vermont

wealthandhappinessThis seems like a fairly straight forward question. What is wealth? No only what is wealth, but why would you even care about something like that?

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Topics: value creation, Focus, wealth

Should You Develop Your Weaknesses Or Strengths? – Wealth

Developing your strengths resized 600

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Topics: wealth management, wealth, success, Kolbe Index, unique ability

4 Reasons I Hate The Term “High Net Worth”

JargonI was skiing recently and on the ride up the term “high net worth person” came up.  I immediately and forcefully said, “I hate that term.”  I’ve been wondering why I reacted that strongly and came up with some of the following reasons:

High net worth is jargon.  I’ve always been unhappy any time jargon sneaks into a conversation.  I know that I would not be happy if I was referred to as a high net worth person and I assume those that are also don’t really like that moniker.

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Topics: for business owners, communication, wealth management, wealth, private business owners

Scarcity is Silly – Wealth

wealth We spend too much time thinking that there is not enough in the world.  At least in the US, scarcity seems like a silly concept.  We live in a land of abundance.

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Topics: mission vision values and goals, wealth management, Focus, mission, wealth

Did You Write A New Years Resolution? – Wealth


This entry is a little late, but since I don’t do New Year’s resolutions being late is OK with me.

Did you write goals for this year?  If so, why?  Wouldn’t it make more sense to just measure where you are, have a clear purpose for your business and life, and move on?

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Topics: mission vision values and goals, for business owners, wealth management, wealth, goals

Legacies Come From Clarity And Purpose - Wealth

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Topics: mission vision values and goals, wealth management, mission, wealth, Legacy Planning

Dreaming Helps With Wealth Management

DreamingIf you went to bed tonight and woke up with a different world, what would change?  This is a question I’ve been pondering for the past few weeks.

We sometimes are unhappy with our circumstances.  Life doesn’t feel very good and we just don’t like the hand we’ve been dealt.  It’s easy for us to whine about all of the things that we don’t like. 

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Topics: wealth management, business relationship management, wealth, Client Experience, client collaboration

You Always Have A Choice – Lessons I’ve Learned

Choices for honestyWe again have another scandal rocking our front pages on morality.  People who are in positions of power should have taken steps they didn’t take.  I’m referring to the circus that is swirling around the lack of actions taken by Penn State leaders.

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