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One of the raging arguments in the financial services business is whether advisors like those of us at Stage 2 Planning should act as fiduciaries with you, our clients.  As you'll learn in the video below a fiduciary as a legal obligation to put their client's interest first.

We think this makes sense and invite you to watch our video that explains our thoughts on being a fiduciary and why it always makes sense to put your interest ahead of ours.  Why don't you click here and let me know what you think about this video after you've watched it.

Oh, after watching make sure you download our special report on Investing Strategies.  I think you'll like it.


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Hi, I'm Josh Patrick and I'm one of the founding principals here at Stage2Planning Partners. Today, I'd like to talk with you about the topic that you may have read something about. It’s about a word and that word is fiduciary. Now, fiduciary is a fancy word. What it really just basically means is “we're working in your best interest and not our best interest.”

The investment world can get really complicated on when you're a fiduciary or when you're a broker. When you're a broker, it’s about what’s called suitability. It means is the investment that you're being put into suitable for you? And that’s done through questions in the conversations we have.

When we're working as a fiduciary, it’s again the same sort of process we're having a conversation about what’s best for you and what might not be best for you. But in that particular case, we have to put your interest ahead of ours.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “Well, wouldn’t I want a fiduciary relationship all the time?” And my answer will be, “Yes, you would.” That’s more about mindset than legal issues. The mindset we have here at Stage2Planning is “we always put your interest ahead of ours.”

If we use a commission product, which would be a suitability issue and not a fiduciary issue, we're still acting and doing the same sort of decision process that we would have if we're acting as a fiduciary. In other words, we have long a conversation with you about what is the best for you. We’ve looked at your financial situation. We’ve asked you a lot of questions about investments. And together, we’ve chosen an investment strategy and an investment portfolio that both you and us believe that’s best for you.

Our stance on being a fiduciary is we like being a fiduciary. We like putting your interest ahead of ours. We think that’s the right thing to be doing. That’s what we think all investment advisors should do. Here at Stage2Planning, we spend a lot of time helping you understand what’s best for your portfolio, so we think that’s important for you to know this. We're hoping that you’d take some time to have an in-depth conversation with us about what being a fiduciary means. We have a special report that we would love to have you have. We would love to have you download that report on creating an investment portfolio. In there, it talks about the steps that you should be thinking about as we go forward and we create an investment portfolio for you that fits with your needs together.

I'm Josh Patrick. Again, I'm one of the founding principals here at Stage2Planning. I thank you very much for taking the time to listen to this and watch this short video. Please download the report. And more importantly, give us a call and ask us what being a fiduciary would mean for you and how we think about putting other investment portfolios that serve your needs the best.

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