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In the financial planning part of our business we often deal with things that might be a little touchy.  Sometimes we have to tell you that you’re not saving enough money.  Sometimes you might even get annoyed with me.

I bet the same might even be true with you.  Have you ever had a disagreement with your significant other?  You might find that it’s almost predictable when you’re going to blow your cool.

Lots of time it’s about you and not them.

I find that when I get annoyed at something another person is doing it’s because of something in my life that bothers me.

Have you ever found that an annoyance you have is really something you don’t like about yourself.  If you don’t like it when someone loses their temper, is it because you wish your temper was more under control?  What about other people being late?  What about that really bothers you?  You get the idea.

Looking in the mirror is always a good thing.

When you’re feeling off your game look in the mirror.  Instead of blaming someone else for making your life miserable, ask yourself what about what you do is causing the problem.

Yea, I know, there really are times where others are just plainly jerks.  At the same time why is it that some jerky behavior doesn’t bother you and other times another thing will drive you out of your mind?  A mirror might help you answer that question.

Know what bothers you.

This is really the point here.  I would like you to spend some time thinking about what it is that bothers you.  Ask yourself why this is true.  Then ask yourself why again three or four times.  You know the drill.  When you get to the core reason, you’ll have learned something that’s really valuable.

Being self-aware is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.  Go ahead and spend some time thinking about what bothers you.  I bet you’ll be glad you did.

Take a breath.

When you find yourself losing it, stop and take a breath.  You’ll be surprised how often you find that you’ve stopped breathing.  I guess that’s why you are told to count to ten before saying anything when you’re angry.  Counting to ten allows you to start breathing again. 

Part of being self-aware is knowing what role you play in your business.  I have a case study on roles that I invite you to read.  You might start thinking about yourself in a different way after reading it.

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