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I remember my sister talking about buying a car and how the car salesman would only talk and look at her husband.  I can’t tell you how annoying she found this.  She kept going to different car dealers until a car salesman would work with her and not her husband.

You might say that she should have left her husband home.  If she did that, she wouldn’t be able to use her knockout on whether she wanted to use that particular car dealer.  She wanted to make sure that the car dealer worked with her and not her husband.  In the end, she really didn’t care as much about what type of car, she cared about being dealt with as the key buyer.

I know this sounds kind of silly and as I read this, I would agree.  At the same time it brings up a really important point……..Women make many more financial decisions that affect a family than we admit.

My own opinion about this.

Every time I think about this story I giggle.  Not because it’s a funny story, although in some ways it is.  I giggle because of how clueless men are in how things are bought in the world.

You can be sure that each and every one of the car salesman that worked with my sister were men.  You can also be sure that all except one had this mis-perception that women don’t know how to buy a car.

Long ago when I was in my vending business I learned that if you don’t take everyone seriously, it’s not going to be a long time before you lose or don’t get the business you want.

So men…….start paying attention, both in your business relationships as well as personal ones. 

All good ideas have more than one person involved.

Men and women tend to see the world from different world views.  Neither view is right or wrong.  They’re just different.  If we don’t take time to understand what some of these different world views, we lose a lot.

I know that Suzanne (my wife) has a very different way of looking at the world than I do.  If I’m thinking about a major decision and I don’t include her in the conversation, I know there’s a good chance I’ll make a decision that I’ll come to regret.  I’ve learned that not including her in the conversation is always a mistake.

Why I require both spouses to be at investment and financial planning meetings.

There’s two reasons for this.  First, I want to make sure that both senior members of a family are on the same page.  If you’re not on the page with your spouse and I implement your ideas, it’s only a matter of time before that mistake is going to come back and bite me.

The second is that when I include both spouses in financial decisions I know we’ll get better results that are more balanced and go a lot further in helping the couple get more of what they want.  That’s my goal and when we work together in this manner we’ll come up with a better solution.

The reality of life.

Research shows that most financial decisions in families today are made by women.  I know men think they make the decisions.  I’ve seen it over and over, the man says one thing and the women very quietly says, “No, we’re not going to be doing that.” 

If I don’t pay attention, I know I’m going to be in trouble.  I also know that not paying attention is almost always a recipe for disaster. 

I’ve done it, I’ve not listened to what’s been quietly said to me and I’ve paid the price.  Men and this is a message for you, men.  Listen to those quiet voices in your life.  Not doing so, will cause you pain.

How do you make decisions in your family?

So, how are decisions made in your family?  Who is the final decision maker on where your money is invested and how it’s spent?  If you’re honest with yourself I bet the answer is different than you thought.

Why don’t you leave a comment below or click here and send me an email about what you think.


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