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6 Mistakes People Make in Retirement Planning

Take a look at this post from Malaysia.  It's just as true for us in the US as it is there. Why don't you read the post and then let me know what you think in the comments below?

Why wait till you’re 55 when you can perhaps retire at 35 to pursue your passion projects? The sooner you start saving, the earlier you could retire.

via 6 Mistakes People Make in Retirement Planning

From the blog.......

For those of you who own businesses, this article from Mass Mutual is something you want to pay attention to.

If you think you're stuck in perma-five why don't you click here and send me an email.  I can spend a few minutes with you to help you get unstuck and the call is free.

If you’re a business owner and you are thinking about retirement, then you need to start thinking about succession planning. It’s critical to the best interests of your family and your finances. It’s also critical to the success of your successor. via Want To Retire Someday……Do Some Succession Planning First!

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