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South Burlington, VT

Are you interested in a career with us?

Are you looking for a different type of firm?

At Stage 2 Planning, we're looking for advisors who put the client first. You must love what you do and love the clients and niche that you work with. We would love to have an opportunity to spend a little time with you to help you learn the advantages of joining our team.

We have two specialities that advisors from around the country find interesting.  The first is working with business owners and helping them take a successful business and make it sustainable.  The second is working with people going through transitions.  These might include retirement, divorce, widows and widowers and business owners who are transitioning out of their business.

People who are successful with us have the following traits:

  • You put your clients' interest ahead of yours
  • You focus on planning before suggesting products
  • You ask questions before making recommendations
  • You have a book of business that creates at least $100,000 in revenue per year
  • You love your work

If you would like more information or set up a call, please email us here or give us a call at 802-846-1264.  If nothing else, we'll work very hard to make sure the call is worth your time.