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South Burlington, VT

Chris Douglass

Chris_Full_Sized“You’ve saved long and hard for your retirement, you deserve to enjoy it.”

I’ve always had an interest in business and finance. My parents owned their own businesses, and I grew up being interested in what makes businesses work.

I love working with people who have had long careers and saved carefully for retirement. I’ve found that once many of these people retire, they feel lost when it’s time for them to make decisions and manage their investments. I find it very satisfying when I can help these people make wise decisions about their retirement nest egg. 

It’s really important for me to help you make decisions that will have a positive impact on your life. I want to make sure your agenda is always the one we focus on. I do this by listening well and understanding what’s important for you and your family. I believe that having a thorough understanding of what your options are is part of the deal. The more I know about you, the better my advice is.

I’ve spent years learning my craft. I think that technical competence is part of what makes me unique, but only part of it. I also believe that showing up on time and knowing what’s important in your life is just as important.

One of my passions is playing basketball. I’ve learned that for a great team to work, there has to be respect for each of the players on the team. I need to trust you and you need to trust me. I know that trust is earned and believe that putting your agenda first is an important step in building trust.

My favorite thing at work is to help those who are getting for retirement go through the retirement process and feel confident about their future. My specialty is helping people successfully make this difficult transition. For me, success is all about helping you make your life better. I always remember that when I work with the people who choose me as their advisor.

To contact me please email me or give me a call at 802-846-1264.

Basics of Retirement Planning