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South Burlington, VT

Life Changes » Divorce Management

Going through a divorce will turn your world upside down.

DivorceWe bet you didn’t get married only planning on getting a divorce. We do know that if you’re going through a divorce your world is being turned upside down. You might be worried about whether you’ll have enough money. You might wonder what’s going to happen to your children. You might even be looking forward to getting to the other side and start your life again. We do know that during this very stressful period and you’re not going to think as clearly as you like.

Your life will need to be compartmentalized.

You’ll have work, family, friends and physical space that will have to be attended to. You might think that all are equally as important and need to be addressed at the same time. You might feel pressured by everyone around you. If you’re feeling that everything is just overwhelming your acting normally.

You might find that not everything needs to be done at once. You might even find that saying no works in your best interest. If you find that you stop breathing a lot because of stress, it’s normal. Take a breath, slow down and work on what you think matters.

Here are some things you might have to deal with:

  • Who is going to stay in the house?
  • How will I get what’s fair in a financial settlement?
  • How will I live while I’m waiting for my financial settlement to clear?
  • What is going to happen to my children?
  • How do we continue to be civil while breaking apart?

Sometimes you even know your divorce is on its way.

Divorce is one of those things that you can usually predict is going to happen. If you think you’re going to get a divorce we recommend you start what we call a priage process. This is where you plan for things that are going to happen before you start your divorce proceedings. Many activities you could delay might be better dealt with when you’re thinking about your divorce, not after the whole magilla starts.

When in transition work book