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When In Transition Workbook

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ambivalence-resized-600Sign up on the form on the right side of this page for our When In Transition Workbook.  The workbook will ask you questions that allow you to focus on what's important and urgent, what's important and what you can leave behind for the time being.

Some of the areas that are covered in this workbook are:

  • How will you handle your personal finances?
  • Putting together your personal action plan
  • Understanding your communication style
  • Your decision free zone organizer
  • What's important about your relationships and family
  • What's new about you
  • Understanding the six step financial transition process

This workbook will help you answer the question about what's next in your life.  It's designed for anyone going through a significant financial change or about to go through one.

If you're about to retire, lost a loved one, sold your business or recently received an inheritance this workbook could be a valuable resource.  

Fill out the form on the right hand side to download your When In Transition Workbook now.

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