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Stage 2 Planning For

Life Changes

Life is full of changes, sometimes the changes are unwanted. 

Life_changesIf you’ve experienced, or are about to experience the death of a spouse or going through a divorce you’ll be thrown for a loop. If you lose a spouse, it might take you as long as seven or eight years to get your full bearings back again. If you get divorced, do you know what’s going to happen with your finances and your dreams?

The challenge with both is that many people around you are going to want you to make decisions that you might not be ready to make yet. You’re likely to be pushed when you don’t feel like you’re ready.

Here are some of the issues you might face when a loved one dies or you go through a divorce:

  • You might feel a decrease in your ability to think clearly. 
  • You might feel that everyone around you is pressuring you to make decisions you’re not ready to make. 
  • Life could feel like it’s moving way too quickly. 
  • You could feel that you have to make decisions that you’ll regret later. 
  • You might feel the world and everyone in it is out to get what’s yours. 

We like the term priage

You’ve probably heard about the term triage. That’s where you assess damage after an event has happened. Priage is the opposite. It’s where you get to assess damage that’s likely to happen.

When you lose a loved one or go through a divorce you’re IQ is going to drop. It’s not a permanent drop. You don’t want to be forced to make decisions when your mind isn’t working well. You can learn how to make some decisions when you know tragedy is going to happen. We believe that your life will be better if you have a method for dealing with issues that can turn your life upside down.

When in transition

While you’re in transition you’ll notice that decisions become much harder to make. Things you used to easily handle become insurmountable. It’s just too hard and too many people are asking you to make decisions you don’t feel like you’re ready to make. We understand this issue and have developed several tools to help you deal with them. Some are below:

When in transition work book

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