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South Burlington, VT

About » Sandie Maynard

Sandie_Full_Sized"I'm happiest when I help Clients achieve their dreams."

My first job out of college was as a Probate Distribution Specialist. I saw first hand how planning decisions people made affected their lives at a point when it was too late to make changes. It inspired me to help people focus on these planning decisions now, not later. I want my clients to feel a sense of calm that these decisions are ones that they made for themselves with my guidance.

Professionally, I enjoy helping women in transition. I have a personal attachment to this issue. The relationship I develop with my clients is one of working together. I feel that this makes my clients have a more comfortable feel for this process.

My strength is getting my clients to figure out what is truly important to themselves in their lives now and in the future. Clients want to know that what they feel that is important to them is also important to me. This strengthens the relationship and makes the planning process smoother.

I feel great satisfaction when I see that moment when my client realizes that what is important to them can be achieved. The strong sense of accomplishment and calm that the client has is very fulfilling to me. Just to know that I helped guide them to this point is wonderful.

Personally, my passion is my family. I have two sons. Both of my sons play basketball and one plays football, so I can be found at sporting events all the time. When I am not watching games I prefer the quieter hobbies of reading, scrapbooking and card making. When I am not working, I also enjoy golfing.

I have been helping clients in some capacity for 23 years.

I grew up in Lyndonville, VT. After graduating from Bryant University, I worked in Boston for 3 years, and when I moved back to Vermont I felt that the Burlington area was a nice combination of Boston and Lyndonville.

I volunteer at Rice Memorial High School stunt night which can make you pretty crazy! It is a lot of fun, and the excitement that the kids have for it is addicting. I also volunteer for several events at Christ The King School and Church.

I am most professionally proud of the Buddy H Zais that I was given in 2006. This was an award for “Service and un-selfish devotion” to our industry. The award is named after a man that I respected immensely and it means a great deal to me.

I want to be remembered as a wonderful mom and a good friend.

To contact me please email me or give me a call at 802-846-1264.

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