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the four boxes of financial independence

Financial planning for business owners

exit_planningYou might think you can retire on the proceeds of your business.  I have some bad news for you, unless you're part of the .1% of business owners who can, you'll need other savings that will allow you to leave.
Read our free EBook on the 4 Boxes of Financial Independence where you'll learn why your business won't get you to retirement.  
What you will learn is what you can do to make sure that when you want to leave your business, you can do so when you want, in the way you want, leaving your business to whom you want.

As a private business owner you should ask what do I need financially to leave my business.

The 4 Boxes of Financia Independence EBook will help you learn some of the following:

  • Why your business by itself might not allow you to retire.
  • Learn the tools for measuring financial independence.
  • See how to leave your business with the lifestyle you want.
  • Learn the secret reason why real estate may be a more important asset than your business in retirement.
  • Understand why cash flow remains king, even in retirement.
You'll learn specific strategies you can pursue that will increase the odds of you retiring and not having to go back to work for someone else.


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