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South Burlington, VT

Wealth Management with a financial planner

Wealth management means something different to everyone. 

certified financial planner vermontWhen you talk with people in the investment and financial planning business you often hear them say they’re wealth managers. You also might not really know what they mean. Are they going to help you manage your money? Are they going to help you plan your estate? Are they going to help you teach your children money management skills? You just really don’t know what to expect.

Wealth management is all of the above and more. Wealth management starts with you. It starts with understanding what you want and why it’s important in your life. You are the person who will set the tone for what you want from a wealth mangement engagements. When you are clear on what wealth management is for you, you’re probably in a good position to start thinking about the type of advisor who can help you.

Here are some reports that might help you answer some questions you have about wealth management:

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