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This collection of ebooks, infographics, videos, and articles helps you understand the emotional aspect of transitions, make informed decisions, and take steps toward achieving your personal and financial goals. 

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Featured: The 2 Sides of Money Infographic

While money may seem objective, dealing with it often brings out difficult emotions. This is because there are two sides of money—technical and personal—and the personal side is too often overlooked. 

Download this infographic to discover how the technical and personal aspects of money work together to influence the decisions you make.

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Who Should Own The Family Business?

I recently asked a client of mine to start the process of asking his family who should own the family business.  This is a question that you need to ask if you have more than one child and one of them doesn’t work in the business.


Would you want to support a sibling who’s not in the business?

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Sustainable: A Fable About Creating an Economically and Personally Sustainable Business

John Aardvark feels stuck. He dreams of retirement, but he faces so many problems that it seems like an impossible dream. He doesn't know where to turn.

Then he finds answers and the five keys to creating a personally and economically sustainable business. What happens next changes the trajectory of his business and his future.

In this book, you’ll learn how to make your business more valuable than you ever thought possible.

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Transitions can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. With Stage 2 Planning Partners on your side, you can think more clearly about the decisions you face and get a handle on your future.

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