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We Make Adjusting to Life Transitions Simple

Stage 2 Planning Partners helps you overcome emotional challenges while making the best financial decisions for your future.

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Preparing for the future shouldn’t be so stressful and confusing. 

With Stage 2 Planning Partners, you don’t have to do it alone. We walk by your side as you go through all the stages of transition and help you stay comfortable with your financial and emotional decisions along the way.

Our team will help you:

  • Take incremental steps toward adjusting to life changes
  • Get the peace of mind knowing you have a plan created specifically for you
  • Understand your finances and know exactly where your money is coming from
  • Stay in control of your money and your life 

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Discover the 2 Sides of Money

You Deserve a Financial Partner Who Listens

At Stage 2 Planning Partners, we understand that you’re the expert of your own life. You know what your goals are for the future, and it’s our job to help you get there.

That’s why we listen to where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow before we create your custom plan. We help you navigate difficult emotional and financial transitions so you can feel confident about the future. 

With over 70 years of combined experience helping individuals overcome economic and personal hardships, our team of Financial Transitionists can help you plan for what’s next and make the best decisions for your personal goals. Schedule an appointment today to get started.

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Discover the 2 Sides of Money

3 Steps to Enjoy Today While Preparing for Tomorrow

1. Schedule an Appointment

We’ll get to know you and your financial goals to see how we can help you develop financial independence.

2. Put Your Plan into Action

Transition expertise matters. We’ll help you understand the stages of transition you’re in and the right actions to take, both financially and personally.

3. Feel Confident About Your Situation

With the support of our team and a deeper understanding of your finances, you can sleep well knowing you’ll be OK and have a clear plan for what’s next.

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Download Our Free Infographic: The Two Sides of Money

When you think of finances, you probably don’t think of emotions. Yet money is an emotional part of our lives, full of worry, guilt, stress, and fear.

In this infographic, we break down the importance of addressing both sides of money—and what could happen if you don’t.

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